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The New and Improved MBD Office

Posted by Shannon Pelky on May 10, 2019

In the past four months, we’ve been in the process of making some big changes to our Medical Business Development (MBD) office here at HUI. After moving upstairs and making renovations, we’ve helped HUI make some LEAN improvements and created a space where we can better serve our customers. We’re excited to finally get to share with you all the changes we’ve made over the past few months.

Why We Moved Upstairs:

HUI’s upstairs room has served many different purposes throughout the years. It started out as office space, then it became a classroom for a local technical college, and finally it mainly served as a large conference room. Teams also used the side rooms to store files and equipment. At that point, it was a huge space that we weren’t utilizing to its fullest potential. That was a big opportunity for HUI, because our LEAN culture encourages everyone to look for opportunities to create more efficiency in our work. 

The choice to move the Medical Business Development Team upstairs was driven by one other big move for HUI. If you follow us on social media, or if you read our manufacturing blog, you may have seen a video explaining the new space we opened up on the shop floor to add over 10,000 hours of capacity. To do that we first needed to move HUI’s Operations Team out of their office, so they could tear down the walls and open up that space for the shop floor.

The Operations Team took over our old MBD office, so they could be closer to the floor, and our team took on the task of turning the upstairs space into our new office and prototyping room. In the two pictures below, you can see where we started.

LTC conference room layout before remodel

LTC Conference Room Layout   


LTC Conference Room before Remodel

LTC Conference Room


The New MBD Office Layout


One of the best things about working with the MBD engineers is that they are very creative and very resourceful. They know how to keep a project within a price range while also focusing on making cost-effective improvements. Once you look through the list of changes, you’ll see that a majority of the office remodel involved utilizing what we already had, but this time in more innovative ways.

The layout below shows exactly what we wanted to do with the remodel:

 MBD Room Layout

MBD Room Layout


…And besides the carpet, the result wasn’t far off from what we were aiming for:

 MBD Room after office Remodel
New MBD Room

Three New MBD Rooms

We divided the new space into three areas: the Prototyping Room, the MBD Office, and the MBD Conference Area. (If you’re curious about the larger empty room on the layout, that room still holds storage and files for several other teams. To get an idea of how our team transformed this office, you can view the before and after photos and review the list of changes below.

Medical Cart Prototyping and Testing Room:

 Prototyping Room in process
In Process


Prototyping Room After Remodel



  • Had the walls painted
  • Covered a window to the shop floor with our tool board
  • Pulled out the carpet
  • Used the extra doors we took down from the LTC room to create tables for the Prototyping Room
  • Knocked out some wall space, and a window, to add a garage door that opens up to the shop floor (By using forklifts, the garage door is a more efficient and safer way to bring materials and medical carts upstairs)

 New epoxy floors and garage door for medical cart testing room

 New Garage Door and Floor
  • Added epoxy coating to the floor
  • Rearranged wall panels to create glass walls, so visitors and engineers can see the Prototyping Room from the office

 Medical Cart Cycle Testing Fixture

Medical Cart Cycle Testing Fixture
  • Moved the medical cart cycle testing fixture upstairs, which freed up additional space on the shop floor
  • Made some LEAN improvements by moving everything from separate testing areas into one large room


MBD Conference Area:


 MBD Conference Area in process

In Process


MBD Conference Area after remodel   



 MBD Conference Room after Remodel



  • Rearranged panels to create a solid wall between the Prototyping Room and the MBD Conference Area
  • Set up a TV to use as a computer monitor for the room
  • Moved shelving unit from our storage room to create another wall
  • Consolidated the shelf storage and got rid of unused items
  • Purchased new cloth bins along with another small shelving unit for storage under the TV
  • Put up medical cart photos from our old office
  • Placed some display carts in the room
  • Took down the whiteboard from the LTC Conference Room and put it up on the back wall
  • Moved a table and chairs from a side room into the MBD Conference Area


MBD Conference Area:


MBD Office Remodel in process
In Process


MBD Office Redesign


  • Purchased a standing desk, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and new monitor mount for each team member
  • Put up poles to organize and clean up the wires
  • Engineered drawers for the desks and built them at HUI
  • Created a new LEAN project board that’s easier to read and understand from a distance
  • Brought up a TV to display our measures

 MBD Office Remodel In Process 

In Process 


MBD Office Remodel - Standing Desks

  • Made boards to cover up the windows looking out at the shop floor to help reduce noise
  • Had the walls cleaned and painted
  • Took out some wall panels from the LTC Conference Room to open up our office space
  • Brought in people to clean the carpet
  • Kept the same office chairs
  • Bought a new printer stand to organize paper storage

 Office Remodel in Process

In Process


MBD Office Remodel



It’s amazing how far this room has come since we started this remodel. The team did a great job of transforming the space into an office we’re all proud to work in. The quick move freed up space to add more capacity on the shop floor and it allows our customers to get a more comprehensive experience each time they visit, so this was a big win all around.

If you’re interested in visiting our office in person, and need help with a new custom medical cart project, please contact us today!

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