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Kick off your Custom Medical Cart Project Right with Features and Functions

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on June 23, 2016

Starting a custom medical cart project is exciting! It's fun visualizing how your product will help revolutionize and shape the medical field. But when the discovery meeting rolls around, the Features and Functions document poses what may feel like an onslaught of  questions. Questions, perhaps, that you hadn’t even considered.Fear naught!

We’ve taken the time to break down our Features and Functions document—what’s on it, what does it mean and what specific details we need.


1. Objectives

What do you want your medical cart to do? What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Rebranding
  • Improve surgeries
  • Ease of use

14. Size/Footprint

How much floor space should it take up?
How tall?

2. Technology

What devices, if any, will be on your medical cart?

How will it be used?

15. Cart Weight and Capacity

How much should it hold?
How much shelf space will it need?

3. Environment of Use

Will the cart be used in a sterile environment—outside, clinic, operating room, etc?

16. Handle
Where do you want handles placed?

  • Front
  • Back
  • Height adjustable

4. "Look and Feel."

Do you want it to be robust, maneuverable or other?

  • "High tech" feel—Apple product
  • Soft corners

17. Graphics

  • Logos
  • Bin tags
  • Product identification

5. Storage
Where will your medical cart be stored?

  • Closet
  • Operation room
  • Plug it in and leave it

18. Colors

  • Branding
  • Color scheme to fit cart "family"

6. Equipment of Use

What equipment, if any, will be on the medical cart?

19. Assembly

Who will assemble it?
What fastener(s) will be needed?
What fasterner material is wanted?
Will it require a special tool?

7. Wheels and Casters
Are there custom casters you want to use?

  • Aesthetics of casters
  • Locking wheels, rigid wheels, dual etc.

20. Target Cost

Establishing a target price may help
determine other pertinent decisions.

8. Power Supply
Will your medical cart need a power supply?

  • Power strip 
  • Separate means of power

21. Tooling

Is there a budget for tooling?

9. Cable Management

How do you want cables managed or hidden?

  • Wrapped and hung outside of
    medical cart
  • Run cable(s) inside of medical cart

22. Quantities

What is your Estimated Annual Usage (EAU)?

10. Shipping, Packaging and Freight
How do you want your product shipped and packaged?

  • Drop ship to end users
  • UPS
  • Skid

23. Prototypes
How many prototypes will you need, when and for what purposes?

  • Trade shows
  • Clinical testing

11. Configuration
What features need to be on the medical cart?
(This helps determine the size of your product.)
Where will the equipment go?

  • Empty shelves 
  • Space for printer 
  • Optional shelf

24. Expected Warranty

What is the life expectancy?
Will cycle testing be required?

  • Standard expected warranty is 12 months

12. Human Factors

How will the end user interact with your product?
Who is assembling it?

  • Choose type of handles
  • Writing Surface
  • Sit down, stand up or both

25. Service Parts

How many moving parts?
Will you need a service kit?

13. Labeling

Will there be a warning label or a
box serial number?

26. Competitors

What medical carts are your competitors bringing to the market?
What do you like or dislike about their products?
Is it successful? Why or why not?


27. Testing Required

  • 60601
  • FDA
  • Package testing



At HUI, we understand this is a lot to take in, but we urge your answers be as detailed as possible to ensure your needs are properly communicated. This document isn't presented until the discovery meeting where an engineering team from HUI meets with its customer to gather the information we need to get you the cart you want. For your convenience, we’ve decided to provide a downloadable copy of this document, so you have time to brainstorm. 

Contact us today with any questions regarding our Features and Functions document or comment below! 


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