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TruMatic 6000 Trumpf vs Punch Machine and Press Break

Posted by Andrew Harbath on August 10, 2020

This is our latest case study in which we compare the performance and savings of the new Trumatic 6000 Trumpf machine vs our old way of the combination of a punch/lazer machine and a press break operator.

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Topics: Insider, Custom Medical Cart Benefits, Case Studies, standard medical cart, HUI manufacturing, medical cart - custom, custom chassis fabrication, chassis enclosure, trumpf, medical equipment chassis, pressbreak

Trumpf Equipment at HUI

Posted by Andrew Harbath on August 10, 2020

HUI has been running parts on our brand new TruMatic 6000 TRUMPF machine over the last year.. This is great news for both our customers and our teammates. With the machine running at full capacity we have seen...

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Topics: Insider, Medical Cart Trends, Industry Insights, Medical Cart Design, Cost Reduction, Custom Medical Cart Benefits, Medical Cart Aesthetics, medical carts, medication cart, custom chassis fabrication, chassis enclosure, custom chassis fabricator, medical equipment chassis

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