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Trumpf Equipment at HUI

Posted by Andrew Harbath on August 10, 2020

HUI has been running parts on our brand new TruMatic 6000 TRUMPF machine over the last year.. This is great news for both our customers and our teammates. With the machine running at full capacity we have seen improvements in production speed, shop floor efficiency, and additional design capabilities. 

The TruMatic 6000 allows the users to program the part at a computer screen with software, whereas on the old machines they have to physically take a tool out, adjust it, and measure it when they wanted to set a counter sync. We have more up time on the machine compared to before when the machine had to be down so the user could adjust the tool physically. On the new machine, you can make the adjustment in the software while it’s running.

What does the TRUMPF machine do while it’s running?
Step 1: Loads raw material
Step 2: Punches and lasers the material
Step 3: Takes finished parts and puts them on a cart
Step 4: Pushes skeleton onto another cart that we can empty with a forklift


As we continued to grow, we also knew we were going to need more capacity.  This machine helps us achieve our production goals by increasing speed and efficiency. Please see our case study on Trumpf Machine vs Press Break Operator.

Additionally, it’s more efficient from a square foot standpoint. Even though this machine is larger, we are producing more per square foot than we would have with an older machine.

The main way the Trumpf machine will improve production is by giving us more capacity. It will give us more efficiency per square footage, so that will improve the quality of our production space. HUI’s on-time performance will also improve because of the speed of this machine.

We will be able to punch shorter formed flanges. In some cases, the machine may eliminate some post processing, or the part might not have to go through a press brake. Because the machine can punch the short flanges, the shop floor also won’t have to bend as many products in a press brake.

This machine has an off-set wheel capability where we can put some more intricate designs into a part. This will add more value for aesthetics for both medical and industrial customers. For example, we’ll be able to do more feature sets like more extrusions and more flanges.

This machine also uses less electricity, so it’s more efficient with our resources as it takes over the work of two punch machines.



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