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TruMatic 6000 Trumpf vs Punch Machine and Press Break

Posted by Andrew Harbath on August 10, 2020

This is our latest case study in which we compare the performance and savings of the new Trumatic 6000 Trumpf machine vs our old way of the combination of a punch/lazer machine and a press break operator.

Background Information


We currently have an FMS laser operated machine that you can run online by itself. The FMS machine is going to load and unload raw material and it’s going to load and unload finished material while it is still in the cookie sheet. The next level of automation that the TRUMPF machine gives us is that it’s going to take that raw material, punch it out, and unload the finished part. It’s also going to produce a cleaner cut that’s twice as fast as our punches and our lasers can do it today, because of the fiber laser on the new punch.

TruMatic 6000 Out Performs Human Operators


The TRUMPF machine is cutting our downtime in half and it runs faster, so this machine can produce as many parts as two of our laser cut and punch machines.  It’s already almost twice as fast, and we might be able to increase the speed as we learn more about optimizing the machine. Here is a study we had done when comparing the two manufacturing processes of making a dinrail part.

  • FMS Lazer 170 parts per hour
  • Press Break 50 parts per hour
  • Trumpf 300 parts per hour
  • FMS and press breaks ran for 64hrs/month. Trumpf does same amount of work in 9hrs/month. Saving us 55hrs/month
  • Individual part cost dropped 73%



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