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HUI's "What's Up with Nick and Chuck" Video Series

Posted by Andrew Harbath on June 18, 2020

Check out our videos of "Whats Up With Nick and Chuck" as we discuss several topics from within the medical cart industry.

Episode 17 - Packaging and Shipping


Episode 16 - Powder Coat Testing


Episode 15 - Testing Powder Coat Paint


Episode 14 - Powder Coat Options and Capabilities


Episode 13 - Medical Cart Arm options


Episode 12 - Medical Cart Casters and Brakes part 2


Episode 11 - Medical Cart Casters and Brakes part 1 in series


Episode 10 - Industrial Design and The Voice of the Customer with Carmen Chacon


Episode 9 - Industrial Design and Surface Modeling with Josh Talsky


Episode 8 - Industrial Design and Scale with Josh Talsky

Episode 7 - Industrial Design and the Human Factor with Chevis Watkinson


Episode 6 - Industrial Design with Julia Behm from Design Between


Episode 5 - Medical Standard Cart Versa Star


Episode 4 - Medical Standard Cart FlexiStar


Episode 3 - Medical Standard Cart VersaPlus


Episode 2 - Cycle Testing part 2


Episode 2 - Cycle Testing part 1


Episode 1 part 2



Episode 1 



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