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ISO 13485: 2016


ISO 9001: 2015

Our Story

A Team Built on Quality AND Speed

Founded in 1933, HUI is an ISO certified contract manufacturer with expertise in sheet metal fabrication, design engineering, powder coating and assembly. HUI specializes in industrial and medical product fabrication and serves customers nationwide.

In the industrial industry, we design and manufacture custom and NEMA-rated enclosures, chassis and complex weldments. For the medical industry, we design and manufacture custom medical carts.

Kurt Bell, HUI’s CEO, joined the company in 1993 as a scheduler. In 1998 Kurt led HUI’s journey into LEAN Manufacturing on the manufacturing floor, and in 2001, he implemented the principles in the office.

By building on the efficiencies gained through LEAN, leveraging a team-based environment and responding to customer requests, HUI attained ISO Certification in 2011.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we are able to preserve our customers’ working capital by maintaining short lead times of ten working days and successfully manufacturing small quantity runs with an average of 25 parts per order. We have also been able to maintain high quality standards with a defect rate of 1,000 PPM. HUI dedicates itself to helping our customers design the solutions their customers need and launch quality products on time and within budget.