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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HUI different than our competition?

HUI is a manufacturer that specializes in custom medical carts and excels at designing solutions that fit our customers' lead time and budget. We assign our development team directly to our customers, so they have direct access to our project manager and engineers. At HUI, you'll receive accurate quoting, access to an industiral designer, supply chain management and complete projecet management from concept through production. 

How long does it take to develop a custom medical cart?

We have a refined, full-proof process for designing and producing a custom medical cart that fits your lead time. From concept to production, our design team can present a finished custom medical cart in as little as 16 weeks. Keep in mind, this number pertains to our team's abilities and does not include time variables such as shippment of materials that are not readily available, customer-based decisions and responses to design questions.

What does it take to expedite the process of developing a custom cart?

If your lead time is feeling some pressure from an impending trade show or a scheduled device to market deadline, let us know as soon as possible! Our design team is agile and adaptable to the production needs of our customers. Successfully acheiving lead time goals comes down to having the right people in the room at the right time. Who are the right people? Anyone who makes decisions or who may influence decisions absolutely must be meetings arranged by our design time because customer deadlines are dependand on fast decisions, working meetings and well-executed sign-offs.

How much does it cost to develop a custom cart?

Like any project with custom features, the cost depends entirely on the customer's needs and budget. Our team of experts provide accurate quoting and cost effiecient solutions. If you're interested in a story of how our Medical Business Development team has designed and produced an excellent custom product within the budgetary means of our customer, check out our Cranial Technologies Case Study.   

Do you have standard cart options?

In 2012, HUI launched its very own standard medical cart line—VersaStar. Although our VersaStar line is technically a "standard" option, we encourage customers to mix and match a variety of standard features. Our customizable standard offerings give customers the flexibility to make the cart their own at a fraction of the cost of a custom medical cart. The VersaStar is also a great option for low volume product. 

How much will it cost to ship my cart?

HUI generally ships collect, so we highly encourage our customers to consider options supplied by their own carriers. We are extremely flexible and reponsive to our customers' shipping requirments and needs to ensure they receive the best shipping options. 

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