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ISO 13485: 2016


ISO 9001: 2015



FREE Guide to IEC 60601-1 Third Edition

Everything you need to know about achieving 60601-1 compliance with your medical cart design.



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This guide reveals the most common mistakes made when choosing a medical cart solution - and helps you understand how to avoid them.                                      


IEC 60601-1 Medical Cart Compliance Guide

Read the ultimate reference guide to achieving IEC 60601-1 compliance for your medical cart design.                                         


Medical Cart Aesthetics Guide

The Insider’s Guide to Medical Cart Aesthetics helps you use medical cart aesthetics to their best advantage for use with your medical devices.


Benefits of a Custom Medical Cart ebook

Learn the 5 benefits of creating a custom medical cart solution, along with reasons why custom carts provide more flexibility than off-the-shelf cart options.


IEC 60601-1 Third Edition Cheat Sheet

A helpful 60601 cheat sheet that quickly articulates what you need to know about the relevant clauses, their intent, and tests performed to determine compliance.


Design Your Custom Medical Cart to a Price Point

Learn tips for determining your price point, the benefits of designing your cart to meet that price point, and how HUI can help you stay on track.


Powder Coating Custom Medical Carts Guide

Explore the pros and cons of different powder coat options and the importance of partnering with a manufacturer that has in-house powder coating capabilities 


Custom Medical Cart Features and Functions Worksheet

Download HUI's Features and Functions Worksheet to visualize your medical cart concept, centralize project information and clearly communicate your needs