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Meet The Team

Medical Business Development

The Medical Business Development team — most often referred to as MBD — has been working on medical carts since 2002 and proudly partners with medical device companies across the nation to develop and engineer innovative solutions for their custom medical cart challenges.



Chuck Schwarz Account Manager East

Chuck Schwarz

Director of Business Development

East Coast

When will I meet Chuck?

Chuck acts as the main point of contact for customers on the East Coast from the time you start a relationship with HUI Manufacturing throughout production.

What's Chuck's background?

Chuck started his career at HUI in 2005 as a fabrication technician and held various titles on the manufacturing floor before joining MBD as an account manager in 2015. He enjoys working with the MBD team and is proud of the work they accomplish within a short timeframe. Chuck also takes pride in representing HUI to current and prospective customers.    

What are Chuck's favorite pastimes?

If he has the opportunity to be outside, you'll find Chuck outside! He enjoys camping and going on hikes with his girlfriend and their dogs. He hunts in the fall, goes ice fishing in the winter and spends a lot of his time helping on his family's farm, learning about soil management and crop rotation, taking care of his own livestock and renovating his late 19th-century brick farmhouse. 

Rosie headshot-9311 - Copy

Rosie Otto

West Coast Sales

When will I meet Rosie?

Rosie manages relationships with our current customers as well as seeking new opportunities to bring value to medical device OEMs through cart design and production.

What's Rosie's background?

Rosie joined the HUI Manufacturing medical carts team in 2022. She is a seasoned account manager with several years of experience. She's a local gal who loves traveling to meet with our customers both near and far.

What are Rosie's favorite pastimes? 

Rosie and her husband enjoy spending time on their country property gardening and raising their new chickens. They also love to get out and about: they enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking as well as going to country music shows. 

Mark Collins New Product Development Manager

Mark Collins

New Product Development Manager


When will I meet Mark?

It's almost guaranteed you'll meet Mark at the initial project meeting. He's also a crucial asset to the engineering and prototyping stages of your custom cart project. 

What's Mark's background?

Mark started his career at HUI in 2004 as an engineer and has dabbled in project management and new business development work. Mark has been with the MBD team since its fruition in 2007 and enjoys the variety of new and exciting challenges he faces daily. 

What are Mark's favorite pastimes?

Mark enjoys discussing and learning about current events and politics, dominating at Dance Dance Revolution and eating TV dinners. 


Greg Binversie Design Engineer Lean Lead

Greg Binversie

Project Manager

When will I meet Greg?

You’ll meet Greg once you decide to partner with HUI on your custom cart project. He will be fundamental in ensuring your project gets from initial design to production on time and on budget.

What's Greg's background?

Greg started his career at HUI in 2005. Since then he has held multiple titles — from fabricator, manufacturing and assembly engineer to lean lead and design engineer. He has played a fundamental role in implementing and maintaining HUI's lean strategies. Greg joined MBD in 2012 and enjoys working with "such an incredibly talented group of people [and] creating solutions for customers."

What are Greg's favorite pastimes?

Greg loves being outdoors — hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking. He even has a successful taxidermy side-hustle! Greg enjoys spending time with his family as well.

Dwayne Beckmann Design Engineer Quality Lead

Dwayne Beckmann

Design Engineer, Quality Lead

When will I meet Dwayne?

You'll engage with Dwayne throughout the engineering and prototyping stages. He'll also be fundamental for implementing any future changes to your custom cart.  

What's Dwayne's background?

Dwayne started his career at HUI in 1983. Since then he has held multiple titles — from a fabricator, scheduler, and manufacturing engineer to quality lead and design engineer. Dwayne joined the MBD team at its initiation in 2007. He has played a fundamental role in implementing and maintaining HUI's quality system and prides himself on his keen attention to detail and ability to construct macros. However, the initial design phase is his favorite part of any cart project because of the engineering challenges it presents.

What are Dwayne's favorite pastimes?

Dwayne enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking with his family. 


Wayne Schad

Design Engineer

When will I meet Wayne?

Wayne is an incredibly helpful and integral part of any custom medical cart order. You can expect to engage with him throughout the design and engineering phase of the project. 

What's Wayne's background?

Wayne joined the HUI team in 1994, and has created quite the legacy during his tenure. Wayne was fortunate enough to the first fourteen years of his career working through all sides of fabrication. In 2006 Wayne hung up his gloves and transitioned to our in-house engineering team.  


Wayne continues to contribute to the success of our fabrication floor by leading trainings, troubleshooting, and maintaining shop equipment.

What are Wayne's favorite pastimes?

Wayne enjoys spending his free with his wife and four daughters. He loves the outdoors, camping, or relaxing with friends and family. Wayne is a creator at heart - you will commonly find him building or fixing things around his home, wood working, or wrenching on cars. 


Ryan Arnold

Sales & Marketing Director

When will I meet Ryan?

New or existing customers can expect to interact with Ryan during various stages of their project. He is an integral part to most of our outward facing relationships. Ryan uses his tenure and experience to assist in driving the overall success for each customer, and helps projects continue to move along quickly.

What's Ryan's background?

Ryan started his career at HUI over twenty-nine years ago running a shear on our fabrication floor. Since then, he has since spent over ten years in Operations, three years in Project Management, and over fifteen years in Sales. Ryan's subtle interest in fabrication work has developed into a full-blown passion for manufacturing and helping our clients realize their needs.

What are Ryan's favorite pastimes?

Ryan is happiest listening to country music with a beverage in his hand. He enjoys smoking meat and entertaining large groups of friends and family on Crooked Lake with his wife.


Ryan coaches his kids in baseball, basketball, and bowling - and is an active board member of the Plymouth Youth Athletic Association and Plymouth Gift of Life .