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The Trusted Name In

Custom Medical Carts


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We Design & Manufacture Medical Carts

At HUI, we understand that innovation thrives through experience. Our customer-facing team members are cross functional and average 18 years of tenure or experience - specific to medical carts. We are experts in the design, engineering, fabrication, finish, assembly, and IEC 60601-1 compliance of medical carts that are developed to meet our customer’s specific medical device or supply needs.


A Robust Medical Cart Supplier

We serve medical device manufacturers and medical supply organizations in a variety of industries from cardiology to endoscopy to laser therapy. Our customer's medical carts provide service in either the hospital or office settings. We are committed to helping medical device OEM's differentiate their medical product to achieve success while avoiding risk.


Custom Tailored

We offer our customers standard and custom medical carts options. By offering the ability to start with a standard cart platform and modify it, or start from scratch - we create a dynamic approach to meeting your unique device or organizational needs. 

End-to-End Medical Cart Manufacturing

Through our new product development team, we offer custom cart designs in rapid timeframes. Because our organization offers design, manufacturing, assembly and shipping at the same facility, our customers benefit from an optimized experience that reduces stress and improves the launch cycle.


We understand the needs of ours customers and our goal has always been to help reduce their warehousing needs and keep inventory liability off the table. We offer small batch style runs to keep lead times low and maintain our competitive agility.

Our strategically fast, flexible, and reliable approach has helped make us the most trusted name in medical carts for over 30 years.

Whether their need is a medical supply cart, a medication cart or medical device cart with drawers, HUI is your one stop shop for all of your custom cart needs


The Trusted Name in Medical Carts

Since our inception nearly three decades ago, HUI Medical Carts has established a remarkable legacy marked by the successful completion of hundreds of custom medical cart projects. Our dedication to excellence has garnered us a loyal clientele, with satisfied customers spanning across the globe. Learn more about our story here.

HUI Manufacturing, our parent company, has been in business for over ninety years. HUI has deep roots in contract metal manufacturing and specializes in serving the industrial and medical industries. Learn more about HUI Manufacturing here.



HUI Custom Medical Cart Design and Manufacturer