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Design Your Custom Medical Cart for Cleanability

Posted by Shannon Pelky on August 2, 2018

You can probably think of a few items in your home that you hate cleaning. You might even feel bad about using those items because you know how annoying they are to clean. However, many of these products are...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design, Powder Coating, Medical Cart Aesthetics

Topics: Industry Insights, Powder Coating

Why You Should Choose a Custom Medical Cart Manufacturer with In-House Powder Coating Capabilities

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on November 23, 2016

You’ve probably noticed by now that you have to do a lot of research and planning when it comes to designing and producing a custom medical cart. There are so many outsourcing suppliers and painting options, so wouldn’t...

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Topics: Powder Coating

How to Avoid Common Powder Coating Mistakes

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on October 6, 2016

Powder coating medical carts can be a delicate matter. It requires precision, a keen eye and thoroughly maintained processes to ensure that nothing mars the finish. HUI powder coats its custom medical carts in-house and...

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Topics: Powder Coating, Quality

How to Manage a Last Minute Custom Medical Cart Project for a Trade Show

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on September 8, 2016

Frantic, caffeine-fueled study sessions and last minute group projects may have worked in your favor for finals, but no amount of caffeined can expedite the custom medical cart project you’ve been putting off for the...

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Topics: Industry Insights, Powder Coating

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