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HUI Powder Coat Paint Line Team Achieves Significant Quality Improvements

Posted by HUI on August 04, 2015

 HUI is pleased to announce that our Powder Coat Paint Line Team achieved a 57.8% quality improvement in its parts per million (PPM) over the last 12 months. The team’s rolling 12-month PPM trend came in at a score of 408; a number below 1,000 is considered very good for the industry.

We attribute this quality improvement success to several key factors including the team’s ability to perform in-depth design of experiments on very technical features of the paint line, effective root-cause problem analysis, and implementing effective corrective actions.

This is notable as paint line defects can be very difficult to solve. For example, a paint fisheye is a very common defect that manifests itself as a crater or indentation in the paint. In order to determine the cause of a fisheye, several trials or experiments are conducted to determine the root cause of the defect and its associated corrective action. The Powder Coat Paint Line Team has become adept at conducting these types of experiments to effectively resolve paint defect issues.

In addition, the group has done an amazing job developing and implementing ideas that continuously improve key processes. Some process improvements made on the line involve creating and updating standard powder coating settings to reduce aesthetic defects, narrowing-in on customer paint appearance expectations and updating HUI’s internal paint specifications to match, and creating assembly training manuals.

Because of the team’s ability to address quality issues and to work through them, they have been able to make significant improvement in their metrics, which ultimately helps to further improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about HUI’s processes and how we can be a solution provider to you please contact Nick Rolf at nrolf@huimfg.com or call 920-286-2217.

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