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ISO 13485: 2016


ISO 9001: 2015


On-Site Manufacturability for Your Custom Medical Cart

Our in-house fabrication and powder coat painting capabilities are a great bonus to working with HUI. All our engineers have practical experience with our manufacturing equipment, so when we engineer your product, we design with manufacturing in mind. This eliminates miscommunication between the office and the shop floor, thus increasing our speed and agility to implement changes. 


What you need to know about our in-house powder coat line:

  • Environmentally controlled clean room 
  • 1,160 ft. monorail conveyor system
  • Six-stage spray washer with a computer-controlled D.I. system
  • Color Spectrophotometer to ensure consistent color matching
  • AMAT (Applied Materials) Certified

Additional finishing services

HUI utilizes the expertise of several certified local sources for finishing, including services such as plating and anodizing. These capabilities reinforce our commitment to being a single-source provider, ensuring quality and consistency and simplifying your purchase process.

On-Site assembly and one-product flow integration

Rather than painting all like components simultaneously, we hang and paint our parts in "kit form" whenever possible. This allows us to start the assembly process as we unload the paintline, eliminating the need to sort and stage components in a different location, which shortens your lead time and saves you money.

Your medical carts undergo assembly as soon as they are taken off the paintline. This area has both stationary and mobile stations so that every product has its own unique assembly flow, which eliminates logistical waste and encourages in-process flow to maintain lead times.


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