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Considering a Build-to-Order Policy for Your Custom Medical Cart

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on June 29, 2017

It’s been a long journey, but the time has finally come: your custom medical cart has made it to production. So, what happens next? Managing inventory and shipping orders can be tricky, which is why we’ve drummed up a few solutions that will help your continued partnership with your medical cart manufacturer.

Continue making design changes throughout production


A common misconception about custom medical carts is that, once you’ve hit production, you’re locked in with that design. However, this just isn’t true. Our customers have the freedom to continue making changes after their carts have hit production. So, take feedback from the field and tweak your design to better fit end user needs.

Build-to-order policies compliment LEAN ideals

Like most manufacturers, we believe in and implement LEAN processes whenever possible. Instead of building inventory for a product that’s likely to change, consider a build-to-order policy.

Many manufacturers have an approved supply chain that will keep materials specific to your design on hand, so lead time doesn’t become an issue with your build-to-order policy. Maintaining a low quantity inventory and having a strong, working relationship with their suppliers keep manufacturers agile for any possible changes or design alterations.


Order your custom medical cart when you need it


The great thing about a build-to-order policy is that it’s flexible to your needs. Let’s say your custom medical cart relies on a set manufacturing schedule. To save time, your manufacturer may organize a regular delivery schedule from their supplier, so there’s never a concern as to whether or not outsourced material will arrive on time. This also cuts down on the redundancy of regular ordering process.

At HUI, we invest in time-sensitive and cost-efficient solutions for the benefit of our customers. Contact us today to find the custom medical cart solution that works best for you.

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