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Benefit #2 of a Custom Medical Cart Solution: Brand Recognition

Posted by Nicole Reese on June 19, 2015

If you’re not including your brand on your medical cart, you’re missing a highly valuable opportunity to convey a consistent representation of your organization’s credibility, product quality and overall value. Your customers are spending thousands of dollars to purchase your equipment, so shouldn't they readily know who produced it?

As stated in our prior article, standard carts are great for some applications. From a branding perspective, however, they don’t work as well in building your reputation over a long term. These carts may either display the cart manufacturer’s brand—not yours—or not show one at all, leaving the customer with either the wrong impression or no impression at all.

With a custom medical cart, you have the option to convey your brand by incorporating your company’s logo and colors into its design, making your medical cart a moving billboard that provides clinicians, and even patients, a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re concerned about the additional cost of making your brand stand out, don’t be. Any incremental cost is relatively minimal and, from a long term perspective, the increase in customers’ perceived value and recognition is well worth it.

Beyond the Logo

Keep in mind that branding is more than just logos and colors. It is also how your customers experience your product.

Designing a custom medical cart enables you to ensure users have the best experience possible. By first understanding your customers’ needs and the functionality they need from your cart and the equipment it carries, you can design the cart accordingly. Consequently, you’ll provide users with the best experience possible—one that they’ll remember for the long term. Plus, it will set you apart from competitors who are using a standardized cart solution.

A good example of this is a Fortune 500 medical device company that partnered with us to introduce a new medical inventory cart. They were looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors as well as provide an effective and easy solution for both doctors and the company’s sales representatives.

Goals for this custom cart project included:

  • Facilitate a large number of possible layout configurations of surgical tools
  • Make inventory cart drawers flexible to accommodate any doctor’s or sales representative's arrangement of the devices used in surgery
  • Provide an easy-to-use labeling system
  • Meet all of the quality requirements necessary for launch of a custom application versus an off-the-shelf application through their current manufacturing facility
  • Include company branding on the cart

We were able to meet all the customer’s needs in designing a cart that featured adjustable in-drawer rows and columns for maximum space organization, angling clear dividers for inventory, label visibility and visible company branding. The customer was highly satisfied and the cart was well-received in the market.

In the next post of our “Five Benefits of a Custom Medical Cart Solution” series, we’ll discuss branding your cart as a “family” of carts or making your medical cart into an integrated “system design.”


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