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Cable Management for Custom Medical Carts

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on July 21, 2016

Stereotypically, cable management pertains to the organization and storage of what may seem like hundreds of cables while maintaining the ability to access any one of them. More often than not, aesthetics and safety are the main focal point of cable management on medical carts.

Effective and Time Efficient

Cable management can be tricky because you need to present a solution that is effective and time efficient. So, while supplying a wrap-up system for cables works, there’s a good possibility end-users will rarely use it. Unless there’s an easy management strategy, it’s almost guaranteed that no one will use it.


Providing a management strategy that requires little to no actual effort from the end user is ideal. Fortunately, some custom medical carts are configured for one-time set-up, allowing medical cart manufacturers to install cables during assembly by running them through the main column of the product when the cart shows up at the end user. All the Cables are in the correct location, and the end user only needs to plug them in.


If you choose to run your cables through a column in your medical cart, be aware of height adjustments and articulating arms. You don’t want to risk pinching or pulling on the cables. In cases of height-adjustable carts, make sure any internal wiring or cables won’t disconnect, ensure that cables are secured close to connect and reconnect areas and, if there’s a possibility of chaffing, consider a sheath to protect cables from abrasion.

Other Applicable Options

  • Bundling cables with a special wrap—velcro strap, zip ties
  • Woven wrap (pictured above)
  • Grommet
  • Edge trim—essentially acts to cover thin edges
  • Patch panel—great for managing multiple plugs that extend to the same connection source; it keeps all cables clean and inside the medical cart

If you’re considering managing your cables through off-the-shelf options, keep in mind that your color choices will usually be black and white. A standard method would be more cost-effective, so it’s something to consider when coordinating the color scheme for your medical cart with its cables.

As a precaution, consider cable pushers for your casters. Instead of rolling over the cables, like most casters do, cable pusher will simply push the cable along the floor—protecting the cable from being rolled over.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding custom medical cart design? Comment below with what you’d like to see on this blog. At HUI, we understand your design and project needs. Contact us today to get your project underway.

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