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Is an Off-The-Shelf Medical Cart the Best Option for You?

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on April 7, 2016

Medical cart manufactures are more than familiar with the debate between custom and off-the-shelf medical carts. Both products have viable benefits, yet the same three elements come into play every time: cost, design intent and volume.

Nicole Reese, HUI project manager, recommends an off-the-shelf option for customers who don’t plan on purchasing a large volume of carts and have an aggressive price point. One of the main expenses in creating your own custom medical cart comes from design and development fees.

When purchasing a standard medical cart, you only pay for the production price, not the design. This way, customers receive exactly the amount they need at a compliant price. Off-the-shelf medical carts also eliminate the cost of tooling and can be received sooner. It should be noted, if a customer is seeking an intricate medical cart with specific features, demands or integrated devices, a custom medical cart would best fit their needs.

However, a standard medical cart may not meet the all of the end-users’ needs
because it’s designed for a general design intent. That’s why HUI’s standard medical cart also comes with a few customizable options, which has a small design and development fee but is still more cost effective than designing a custom medical cart.

Design Intent

Like most standard products, there will rarely be a “one fits all needs” option. Perhaps, you’re looking for a general medical cart, but the end-user prefers height-adjustable shelving, a drawer or a bigger surface for medical devices. In this case, HUI will adhere to the appropriate adaptations—optimizing the customer’s device for full use.


We at HUI understand the importance of branding medical devices. Just because the medical cart that best fits your needs is off-the-shelf doesn’t mean you can’t put your mark on that product. Incorporating color schemes and logos goes a long way even with standard medical carts.


Typically, standard medical carts lack a certain aesthetic quality sought after in custom medical carts and devices, but HUI’s customizable option allows customers to apply additional designs that may enhance the physicality of the product. 

At HUI, we strive to provide a medical cart that is specific to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your medical cart options.

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