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Medical Cart Project Management: Delivering on Budgets and Capabilities

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on January 28, 2016

Proper project management is essential in the efficient design and production of medical carts. Without it, miscommunication takes place, timelines run amok and questions go unanswered.

When designing a medical cart, it’s crucial to use a variety of best practices to maintain timelines and work with customers. For example, when presented with a medical cart project, use a standard document to start the planning process, adding additional steps as necessary. The concept stage may require you to consult a “quote reference book” to estimate timeline and cost and also schedule time for learning and creative exploration if the customer needs something that is unfamiliar to the design team.

A complete understanding of your customers’ needs and budget is essential in the process. Should a project fall into scope creep, the project manager will take steps to rectify the situation through thorough communication with all involved parties.

“Unlike most companies, we actually manage the project from concept to delivery,” explained Mark Collins, design engineer. “We are able to control the timeline because our project manager understands engineering, is extremely detail-oriented and has the ability to predict realistic timelines."

It's a Team Effort

Organization and communication are vital in keeping projects on track. Some project managers may rely on a white board to stay up-to-date, and schedule regular meetings with the operations and production teams to foster open dialogue. To encourage conversation and questions being asked and answered in “real time,” HUI team members work in open rooms instead of cubicles.

A project manager cannot be successful without an excellent team of experienced manufacturing professionals. Our team’s thorough understanding of new project practices and manufacturing enables accurate estimate pricing for various parts, all of which is supported by an approved supply chain that records HUI historical data.

Here at HUI, we understand the importance of proper project management and pride ourselves on our abilities to uphold those ideals. Contact us today to get your medical cart project underway.


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