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Select the Right Shipping Method for Your Custom Medical Cart

Posted by Shannon Pelky on September 21, 2017

When you’re deciding between different shipping options for your medical cart, start by determining who is going to receive the shipment and what you expect from that person. By considering the logistics of your end goal, you can determine which of the following shipping methods will work best for your project.

Drop Shipping to Customer Location

Drop shipping is a process that allows your custom cart manufacturer to ship your carts directly to your end user.

Drop shipping is a good option when…

  • You have a service tech available to assemble the cart at each location.
  • A service tech or end user can easily integrate your device onto the cart (e.g. the device sits on top of one of the cart’s shelves).
  • Disposables, medications and equipment can be stocked by on-site sales representative.
  • You have limited storage space.
  • You want to cut costs on shipping.
  • The cart can be shipped via parcel service utilizing UPS or FedEx accounts.

Shipping to Your Facility

Shipping to your facility involves having your medical cart manufacturer ship the cart to your facility, so you can install any devices or equipment before shipping the final product to your end user. 

Shipping to your facility is a good option when…

  • Your device needs to be integrated into the cart and shipped as one unit.
  • The cart has to be sent as kitted parts or sub-assemblies to make installing your device more efficient.
  • You have enough warehouse space available to store fully assembled carts.
    • You can also save some storage space by receiving flat packed unassembled carts from your cart manufacturer.
  • You want more control over shipping lead times.

Regulatory Department

Your regulatory department’s requirements are essential for deciding the best shipping method for your product, so make sure they’re involved early on in the development process. Their input is key to making sure your custom medical cart is compliant with your company’s specific regulatory standards.  

Discussing ideal shipping methods with your regulatory department and custom medical cart manufacturer early in the development process will help answer important questions you’ll need to address before your cart hits production. Not only will it keep your project on track, but it will also create a smoother process from start to finish.

Still questioning which shipping method is best for your project? At HUI, we make sure your custom medical cart includes a shipping method tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more. 


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