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How Do You Get a Medical Cart Up and Over a 20mm Threshold?

Posted by Mark Collins on October 14, 2015

Our recent blog, How is IEC 60601-1 Movement over a threshold test performed for medical carts,” stirred up a lot of conversation about our strategy on passing the threshold test prior to the 1st amendment and also how...

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Topics: IEC 60601-1

How is the IEC 60601-1 Test Movement Over a Threshold Test Performed for Medical Carts?

Posted by Mark Collins on September 23, 2015

Over the past couple of years, the IEC 60601-1 movement over a threshold test has been a hot topic for medical cart designers, and for good reason. Medical carts can be very heavy, and carts weighing more than 45kg (99...

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Topics: Industry Insights, IEC 60601-1

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