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Medical Carts: Error-Proofing Through Design

Posted by Mary Kahler on November 16, 2021

How can we mitigate risk in our medical cart designs to ensure safety and compliance?

What we've discovered over years of medical cart design and development is that sometimes end-users don't follow the IFU (Instructions for Use) for medical device products. The IFU document is in place to ensure the safe use of the product in the clinical setting and compliance with the IEC 60601-1 standard.  

One common hazard that we identify in our risk assessment and management process is the improper use of drawers on inventory carts. There should be a weight limit for each drawer to prevent tipping hazards when in the open position. However, when multiple drawers have been opened the risk of tipping increases. Even if your IFU explicitly states that only one drawer should be opened at a time, the risk that an end-user will open multiple drawers is pretty likely over the lifetime of the product.

How can we mitigate the risk? We've identified a simple yet effective design solution to error-proof your project. Join Nick and Chuck as they talk through some risks and showcase an easy yet effective design choice to mitigate the risk of tipping. 

Watch the video below -- and as always, let us know what you think!

Topics: Medical Cart Design, IEC 60601-1

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