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Ergonomics in Medical Cart Design

Posted by Mary Kahler on November 23, 2021

How will patients and staff interact with your medical device?

When it comes to the "human factor", your medical device cart or platform can make or break the usability of your device. Height adjustability, handle placement, tactile surfaces, and ease of movement... these are all important considerations that will affect how users interact with and perceive your medical device.  

When do you start the process of design for usability and when do you test the ergonomics of your medical device in the medical cart design process? We've got some ideas for you in this video. The short answer is... it's never too early to start having the ergonomic discussion, whether you are in the concept phase, the engineering and design phase, or the prototyping phase of your custom medical device cart project. 

Watch the video below to unpack some considerations for ergonomics and the "human factor" in medical device cart design with Nick and Chuck!


Topics: Industry Insights, Medical Cart Aesthetics

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