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Establishing Your Brand In a Family of Medical Carts

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on February 4, 2016

Branding is crucial in any medical cart debut; however, upholding your brand standards and contemplating the message you’re sending to customers or end-users is particularly important when creating or adding to a family of carts.

Continued Branding

Your product families should resemble the composition of an idyllic family portrait —organized, complementary and chic. Pay attention to consistency in colors, logos and fonts. Keep an eye out for repeated cart features, like bumpers or unique curves and consider applying those aesthetics to future members of your medical cart family. You’ll have a cohesive look, and you’ll effectively cut tooling costs by purchasing parts in quantity.

For example, one of our customers requested a series of medical carts: punch card cart, medication cart, cassette cart, and a computer cart. We designed each one using similar attributes like white bumpers, rounded shelves, rounded thermos-form covers and thematic colors. Even though the carts served different functions and had unique design features, together they presented brand uniformity and quality.

Establish a Theme

Establish a theme for your medical cart family based on the impression you want to make on your customers or end-users.

 Naturally you’ll want to avoid unnecessary squeaks and rattles, lightweight materials, mismatched seams and other characteristics that send a “cheap” message. But, you don’t have to go “full-out” for your project either to communicate a theme:

Quality: heavy-duty product with good weight and alluring aesthetics

  • High-end: product with expensive looks and innovative design
  • Safety: product that provides a stable patient environment, especially those used for infant testing; incorporating a transparent wall, open space or warm colors lessens patient anxiety
  • High-tech: sturdy product that addresses specific end-user needs like those for organ transport devices, for example

The theme you choose for your medical cart family establishes the signature design for your quality product line. What would you like your carts to convey to your customers and end-users? Contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas.  


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