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Industrial Design Trends for Custom Medical Carts

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on December 1, 2016

Cart Smart Blog interviews a series of professional industrial designers across North America to give you their insights on custom medical aesthetics, designs and trends.  

Marty Carlos, Senior Director of Global Marketing and Strategy Development at Paragon Group in California, has been involved in the medical cart industry since 1990. Over the past twenty years or so, he has noticed a vast change in how medical carts are designed and marketed. Gone are the days where we can slap a handle and some casters on a sheet metal contraption and call it a good medical cart.

Functionality over Aesthetics

It almost goes without saying—functionally comes first in medical cart design. Carlos noted that designers who are more sensitive and empathetic will take how end users will interact with the cart and work their comfort into the design. Designs that empathize with end users and customer interface are more marketable, so not only must a medical cart perform, but it must also exhibit a sensitivity to how it’s used.

Aesthetics Means Marketability

It’s a common understanding that all medical cart components are functional, but the sale will more likely go to the highest aesthetic. Medical cart aesthetics have evolved to match technological advancements in the medical field. Like most technical gadgets, medical cart components have become smaller and less heavy. A vast difference from the utilitarian carts that had more concern for internal compartments and relied on size and sturdiness.

Highly stylized medical carts have become very competitive in the medical industry. Industrial designers have more elemental value and technology, which makes for more aggressive competition. Components, like castors, are using higher technology and creative use of materials have given medical carts a new edge.

Medical Carts of Today

Medical carts have made tremendous advancements over the past couple decades. Now designs focus on innovative solutions to create smaller and lighter carts that are easy to maneuver. Industrial designers are constantly finding innovative ways to improve user experience, while making a sexy cart that compliments its medical devices. Carlos even suggest that the success of a device relies on the success of its medical cart. It just goes to show that medical carts are integral part of the medical industry and will continue to evolve. 

At HUI, we understand the aesthetic medical cart trend and need for creative solutions. Contact us today to start developing a custom medical cart that meets your needs.

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