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Make Your Custom Medical Cart a Success from the Outset

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on August 11, 2016

No one can deny it; designing and developing a successful custom medical cart is no easy feat. There are quite a few things to consider to ensure a prosperous product from day one.


This first step towards medical cart success may seem silly, but every once in a while it proves its relevance: whoever makes executive decisions for your company must approve your project first. This means doing some research and identifying your goals early on.

Build a team that includes your decision maker(s). If you want your medical cart project to be a success, it needs to be a top priority—focus on quality, efficient internal and external communication and prepare for regular meetings with your manufacturer. The team you form for this production must have a universal understanding of your project’s main focus.

Know What You Want

Most manufacturers use a discovery document, the equivalent of our Medical Cart Scoping Document, to help customers narrow down exactly what they want from their medical cart. This document not only informs design engineers but also organizes information and allows customers to discuss options they didn’t know they had.  HUI engineers agree that the project has a higher chance of success when the customer performs a Voice Of Customer (VOC) or has the end-user fill out a features and functions document. 

Be Realistic

Creating your medical cart design is exciting. There are so many options, choices, and opportunities for innovation. So, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the information. To help yourself stay on track and focused, set a few realistic goals for yourself:

                Budget: Be aware of your budget at the beginning of your project. It’ll be easier to weed out what is and isn’t plausible and will help define your timeline.

                Market: Do some research on the market in which your medical cart will appear. Make sure the market can bear the selling price.

                Tooling: Match your tooling to your volume. Different types of plastic molding processes have various life expectancies, so have a general volume idea before looking at the options.

 At HUI Manufacturing, we understand the processes involved in the pursuit of excellence. If you have a custom medical cart design in mind, contact us today!

What problem has you down? Tell us your medical cart problems in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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