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How to Begin Your Custom Medical Cart Project -- Medical Cart Scoping Document

Posted by Mary Kahler on July 20, 2022

Your medical device design and engineering team probably has a good idea of what you need from your medical device’s platform. But are you ready to take the next step?

You will need to prepare in advance of your scoping or discovery meeting with your custom medical cart manufacturer to reduce project delays and miscommunications. 

Where do you begin when designing a custom medical cart for your medical device project?

When getting ready to launch a custom medical cart project, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is your team on the same page about the features and functions necessary to support your device and brand?
  2. Do you have a consensus on needs vs. wants for what is required from your cart?
  3. How realistic are your project parameters – the “triple constraint” of scope, cost, and timelines?
  4. Is the entire team prepared to communicate the above effectively to our medical device cart design engineering team at your manufacturer?

Getting on the same page before you begin your medical cart project

Ideally, your key team members will meet ahead of time to make sure there is clarity on the scope of your project at the outset. Our clients find it helpful to have a checklist of features and functions ready to go when walking into a project kickoff or discovery meeting.

That’s why we’ve put together our Medical Cart Project Scoping Document. Over the past 20 years of designing and manufacturing custom medical carts for OEMs, we’ve learned a few things about all that goes into a project. Our engineers have put together a useful checklist of everything you need to get your medical cart project moving!

Whether you are an engineer, project manager, product manager, or any member of a medical device project team, you will want to download this free resource.

Other uses for this checklist:

  1. Get all your device dimensions and branding objectives in one place before hiring an industrial engineer to produce concepts for your cart
  2. Gain consensus between your core team and other key stakeholders within your organization that have influence over the cart design and launch
  3. Use the scoping document as a checklist for your team to identify gaps in understanding and reach a common understanding before you identify a design engineering team or manufacturer

Contact us today with any questions regarding our Medical Cart Project Scoping Document or comment below! 

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