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Releasing New Standard Medical Cart - VersaPlus

Posted by Andrew Harbath on April 22, 2020

HUI has just recently launched our newest medical cart! The VersaPlus is a great addition to our current medical cart – standard line up.

The VersaPlus is a small foot print cart that can be used in multiple applications. This new standard medical cart offers out of the box functionality, faster turnaround, smaller minimum order quantities, and an affordable price point without compromising quality or performance. The VersaPlus can be accessorized with additional shelves, various drawer kits, cord wraps, monitor mounts, and baskets of several sizes. We also designed this cart to have an optional height adjustable column with a variety of stroke lengths and custom pressures. The VersaPlus is built to ISO 60601 standards. For more information check : VERSAPLUS HERE


There are many things to consider when exploring OEM medical cart solution and what it will cost to design and manufacture. HUI has over 20 years of experience designing custom medical carts to a budget.  If you’d like more information, or need help with your medical cart solution, contact us today. 



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