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Plastic Production Types for Medical Carts

Posted by Mary Kahler on December 7, 2021

In this edition, Nick and Chuck examine the various Plastic Production Options for Medical Carts. This insightful video walks you through some of the options to consider when trying to balance aesthetics, volume, and budget.

How to Choose Your Medical Cart Plastics

Today, there are a plethora of plastic manufacturing options and materials that can be used for your custom medical device project. Whether you need plastic parts for your prototype or your production model, there are many factors to consider. 

Cast urethane, thermoforming, 3D printed parts, injection molding, and rim molding are some of the most popular options we use in our custom medical carts. But which process is right for your project? Plastic production costs can vary widely in terms of tooling and per-part price, so it's important to consider not only your cart aesthetics, but your projected volume when making this decision.

Confused yet? Don't be! Check out our video below and let Nick and Chuck walk you through some key considerations of each plastic production process and how they might work for you. 


Topics: Medical Cart Design, Medical Cart Aesthetics

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