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Device Arm Selection for Medical Device Carts

Posted by Mary Kahler on November 30, 2021

What device arm options are available for medical carts?

One common component in many medical device carts and applications is an arm that is used to mount devices and monitors for greater ease of use in the clinical space. The choice of arm used in a project can have a lasting impact on the usability, ergonomics, and reliability of a medical device platform, so it's important to get your arm selection right. 

The selection of flex arms, fixed arms, and combination arms designed for use in medical devices is pretty vast. It can be a little overwhelming to take in all the considerations and choose the best option. Despite the many medical device arms on the market, there is a good chance an off-the-shelf option won't be exactly what you are looking for. 

In this video, we will walk you through some of the options and more importantly some of the factors we consider when designing custom medical carts for our customers at HUI. We guide our customers through decisions about device arms in almost every project we undertake. Nick and Chuck have some great ideas about selection, customization, and budget to consider when selecting a device or monitor arm for your medical cart project.


Topics: Medical Cart Development, Medical Cart Design

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