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Tips for Maintaining Custom Medical Cart Lead Times

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on June 16, 2016

It’s difficult to deny: lead times can be stressful. At moments, it may feel like there simply isn’t enough time to meet deadlines. So, to soothe your nerves, we’ve brainstormed a series of actions that may help alleviate the stress of maintaining lead times.


Communication is HUGE when it comes to hitting lead times. It’s a part of every conversation between customers and manufacturers, even if it’s just to check-in. It comes up in every meeting.  Being aware of lead times informs customers when decisions on their end must be made. Weekly meetings throughout design and development enable the decision-making process so appropriate actions are taken to keep the project on track.


“Treat others as you’d like to be treated.”

At the risk of sounding like your mother, we, too, have found this statement procures positive results. Generally, if you treat your vendors well, they’ll treat you well. Find vendors who work quickly and collaborate well with your company. This extends to working with prototyping houses with fast production rates. Investing time to research the exact information you need before requesting a quote from your vendor will make all the more difference. The easier you make their job, the sooner you may have your answer.

Project Management

Outstanding project management is the biggest asset when it comes to consistently hitting lead times. Your project manager is the front runner in maintaining communication between the customer, engineering team, and vendors. Their expertise, excellent organization, and constant knowledge of the project’s status help customers make decisions.

How We Do It

Our Medical Business Development (MBD) team utilizes its flexibility and quick building capacity to help maintain lead times. Due to HUI’s structure, we’re at liberty to experiment. We have the option of fabricating products directly, so we don’t get stuck analyzing the “what ifs” of a situation. Plus, our engineering team, a mix of flexible individuals with similar skill sets, is willing to help each other accomplish set goals.


Any strategy to consistently maintain lead times goes hand-in-hand with any other solid work practice: open communication, strong working relationships, and investing in a high standard of the organization. Other general productivity efforts will also have a positive effect. This might be as little as having a window or plant in your office. Create a stable and supportive work environment for yourself.

At HUI, we understand the stress correlated with lead times. Contact us today with your custom medical cart design needs.


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