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Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Medical Cart

Posted by Dan Slater on August 25, 2023


This article covers the top mistakes that are made during the medical cart development process, and will give you insights on how to avoid them. 

HUI has been developing custom medical carts for over twenty five years - our team has seen it all. Recently, we combed through hundreds of past standard and custom medical cart projects in search of the most common pain points that customers experience while moving their cart into production. We compiled these mistakes into a new guide "Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Medical Cart Solution" - which breaks down each mistake and shows you how to avoid them. 

Top Medical Cart Development Mistakes:


1. Not Understanding that Your Device Will Dictate the Footprint


Standard carts are an easy choice for certain applications, but a custom medical cart may end up being the right solution for your device. If so, make sure you consider a complete list of your needs in addition to any special regulations that your cart may need to adhere to. As your medical cart comes to life it may change shapes in order to conform to those regulations. 

2. Not Understanding the Need to Design for Manufacturability


As you approach the design phase, it's important to consider the effects of your work. Consider who will be responsible for the production and assembly of your newly designed medical cart - and the challenges they may face during production. It's always best to keep manufacturing in mind as your design your custom medical cart. 


3. Not Balancing the Projects Material Expectations & Tooling Needs


The best aspect of design is that it can represent and dictate the form and function of a custom medical cart. However, it is important to match the materials, processes, and tooling that is required to keep your project costs under control.


4. Not Selecting the Right Manufacturer


Selecting the right manufacturer takes time - selecting the wrong manufacturers can set our back. Not all manufacturers are created equal, so be ready to balance the right mixture of price and value, while aligning on speed and volume.


5. Not Understanding the Timeline from Design to Manufacturing


In the digital age - everything moves fast. When it comes to manufacturing timelines though, it is important to understand some of the key events that will keep your project on time and on budget. Raw material or tooling lead times, FDA approval, and organizational approval all play a role.


6. Not Understanding the Need to Design for a Proper Lifespan


Designing great medical devices and systems is the goal of any medical device manufacturer. Unfortunately, the market often dictates the lifespan and the demand of your product. It's important to calibrate the design and application in order to maximize efficiency, potential, and ROI.

How to Avoid Medical Cart Development Mistakes:

To make it easier and less stressful for you and your organization, you’ll want to avoid any critical mistakes by taking the right approach and equipping yourself with a bit of research on the design and manufacturing process. You'll also want to work with experts in medical carts to help your project roll through the development process and prepare you for production.


Approach Your Project Correctly:

Ask Yourself Before You Begin Development:

  • What is our budget and timelines?
  • What kind of volume do we need?
  • Do we need to have FDA approval?
  • What is our internal capacity and capability?
  • Is our current solution scalable into the future?
  • Are there any anticipated supply chain issues?
  • What do our users expect from this product?

Find more questions in our newest guide: Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Medical Cart Solution"


Work With Experts In Medical Carts:

We're the go-to experts - let us guide you  | Your medical cart project stands the best chance of success when you work with experts. At HUI, our rich twenty-five year history in helping medical device manufacturers find tailored solutions for their product is second to none. We have completed over one-hundred custom medical carts which helps us anticipate issues before they arise.  100+  |  Custom Medical Cart Projects Completed



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Top Six Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Medical Cart Solution

This in-depth guide breaks down each of the six mistakes and helps you understand how to avoid each one. Including examples and data.

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