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What Your Equipment Says About You: The Importance of Storytelling Through Medical Cart Design

Posted by Brittany Beckmann on January 8, 2016

We all like shiny, new things—cars, computers, smartphones—and most of us are eager to get a hold of the “next best thing” or newest model, always looking for innovative and aesthetic advancements. Just as we anticipate the unveiling of the next technological attraction, our customers look forward to the arrival of newly assembled medical carts personalized for their needs.

The aesthetic qualities of our medical carts helps our customers invest in an identity; its designs exude their character and tell their stories. Storytelling may seem like an abstract concept, hardly relatable to medical carts, but every product we use is telling a story.

A large part of this storytelling process is communicated through continued branding—thus establishing your reputation, identity and quality. You want your customers to easily recognize your products. The aesthetic qualities of our medical carts are part of customers’ identities and an effective method of enhancing their brands. Whatever message your organization has determined is the most meaningful and powerful for your audience, it has to be communicated consistently and frequently if it’s going to help establish and enhance your reputation. It’s also key to keeping your brand top-of-mind and to signaling to prospects what it is you stand for, whether that’s premium quality, optimum performance durability or ease of use.

Consistent design is also the best way to make sure customers easily recognize your products. We’re often asked to design a cart to match a customer’s other, existing equipment, making the cart “family up” with other items. The result? You have more pieces with the company brand proudly displayed and more prospects see your products wherever they look.

For more detail about this aspect of continuing your company’s story through medical cart design, take a look at our previous articles on Brand Recognition and System Design and Family Design.

What impression you want to leave with your customer or user? What will the design of your medical cart say to patients, doctors, nurses and others who come in contact with the equipment? A quality medical cart that is fully functional, has easy movability and is undeniably “yours” will leave a positive impression on everyone.

So, what do you want your medical cart to say about you? Contact us to start developing your ideal medical cart today!


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