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Why You Should Consider Full-Scale Drawings Prior to a Medical Cart Prototype

Posted by Greg Binversie on July 15, 2015

Seeing your project and device come to life in a prototype can be an exciting event, as it signifies that you’re another step closer to production. A physical prototype will validate all of your form, fit, function and aesthetics requirements for the cart. However, there is a possibility that issues related to these requirements could be discovered too late in the process, which can result in design rework that can addunnecessary costs and time to your project. This is why we recommend that you receive full-scale drawings before creating a prototype.

Utilizing these drawings provides the following advantages:

Bridges the Concept-to-Reality Gap

Because it is very hard to gauge the true-to-life-size of a concept on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper or on a computer screen, a full-scale drawing of your project can be a great advantage. The drawing can be hung up on a wall so you and your team can see the actual size that the cart will be when it is physically produced. Having a person stand next to the drawing will provide an accurate representation of how your cart will look in use. From here, your team can solidify decisions about the acceptable size of the future real-life cart.

Validates the Design

Full-scale drawings can also be used during the concept phase of development to help customers decide how much product their custom medical cart will be able to hold and still meet the project’s size requirements. In addition, the full-scale printout also can be printed in the various color schemes you may be considering for the cart. This can help your team zero-in on what the color of your custom cart should be so that it will best reflect your branding.

Provides a View from Every Angle

To gain a comprehensive look at your entire cart, you can request a full-scale drawing from every angle—side view, top view, front view and so on. Having these drawings really makes your cart come to life. If your team is unsure about a few concepts, sizes or even colors, you can have different ideas printed full-scale and compare them side-by-side.

Cost Savings

A full-scale drawing, print of the concept or a CAD model is a lot less expensive than a physical prototype and can be created much earlier in the development process. This saves on rework, particularly if cart size is a concern.

Rework and design changes can be expensive at any time, so catching potential changes in the design or scope of project as early in the process as possible is advantageous from both a cost and timeline perspective.

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