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How Do You Test a Powder-Coated Paint Finish for Medical Carts?

Posted by Greg Binversie on September 11, 2015

Many of the custom medical carts HUI manufactures have a powder-coated finish. As with any finish applied to any product, the powder coating we apply needs to be tested to ensure that the finish is going to last. The...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design

What is Your Medical Cart Made Of?

Posted by Greg Binversie on August 28, 2015

Many of the conversations I’ve had over the years about working on medical carts at HUI have started with “Oh, so you just work with stainless steel,” as if to say that all medical carts must be made from it. I suppose...

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How to Determine the Best Shipping Option for Your Medical Cart

Posted by Greg Binversie on August 6, 2015

Your team has put a lot of time, thought and energy into designing your medical device and the cart onto which it will be installed. Everything is coming together smoothly, and as you’re inching closer to launch it’s...

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Topics: Industry Insights

The Importance of Cycle Testing in Medical Cart Development

Posted by Greg Binversie on July 17, 2015

You expect your medical cart to operate trouble-free for a long time. But how can you be sure those expectations will be reality? By making sure the manufacturer conducts cycle testing (endurance testing) rather than...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design

Why You Should Consider Full-Scale Drawings Prior to a Medical Cart Prototype

Posted by Greg Binversie on July 15, 2015

Seeing your project and device come to life in a prototype can be an exciting event, as it signifies that you’re another step closer to production. A physical prototype will validate all of your form, fit, function and...

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Topics: Medical Cart Development, Medical Cart Design

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