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Why You Should Work with a Custom Medical Cart Manufacturer

Posted by Shannon Pelky on March 15, 2018

Have you considered the possibility of working with a custom medical cart manufacturer, but you’re not sure if it’s necessary? Well, you’ve come to the right place. After 16 years of partnering with medical device companies across the US we’ve gained a lot of experience developing and engineering innovative medical cart solutions for our clients. To help you understand the value our clients gain from working with us, we’ve put together some reasons why working with a custom medical cart manufacturer can benefit your project. 

Working with a Custom Medical Cart Manufacturer



When you work with a team who specializes in medical cart design and manufacturing, they provide you with knowledgeable assistance throughout your project because they only focus on medical carts. They handle the design, project management, prototypes, cycle testing, production, supply chain management, etc. The team takes the work off your plate, so don’t have to spend your time thinking about any cart related decisions.



To give your insight throughout the project you need to work with a team who can accurately quote your options for manufacturing processes and materials. Our project manager is able to provide those price estimates as well as the expected lead times for each part because of her many years of experience and extensive research for each project.



Another benefit to working with a custom medical cart manufacturer is getting access to their partners. These connections can be extremely useful when you need IEC 60601 testing, custom packaging, or educational resources to get your medical cart out on the market.


Working with a Design Firm


Design firms do a good job with the concepts and the prototypes. However, when it comes to finding someone for production it can get tricky. Carts from design firms are often over-designed, over-budget and hard to manufacture. Without a good background in medical cart design and manufacturing, it’s easy to make these mistakes. If you want to have confidence in your concept design, you’ll want to utilize a designer who has the right experience for the job.


HUI’s Medical Business Development Team

To give you an idea of what a successful custom medical cart design team looks like, here are some roles you’ll encounter during the design and development process with HUI:

Mark - Medical Cart Manager

New Product Development Manager:

With 14 years of experience in this role, Mark is one of the first people you’ll meet when you request a cart proposal. He supports the engineers and is a great resource for coming up with creative new solutions. With his experience and innovative mindset he’s a great person to bounce ideas off of to see what makes the most sense for your project. He’s also expert in IEC 60601 testing.


Nicole - Project Management for Medical Carts

Project Manager:

Nicole has 10 years of experience with HUI and plays a big role during the proposal creation and review. She is an expert in lead times and supplier pricing. She’s your go-to for those questions, and can typically provide an answer on the spot. Her project planning mindset will keep your project on time throughout the cart development process. She’s also a great resource for keeping your project budget on track. If you can cut costs on materials, paint colors, or manufacturing processes Nicole will know. You’ll also go to her to schedule manufacturing dates when your cart is in production.


Industrial Design for Medical Carts 












Industrial Designer:

We have two industrial designers available to work on your project. They both have experience in the medical industry, so they’re great resources for unique and practical designs during the concept stage. You’ll meet with one of our industrial designers and the rest of the team to help us offer you multiple concept options based on your price point. 


Dwayne - Custom Medical Cart Design Engineering   Greg - Custom Medical Cart Design Engineer

Design Engineers:

We have two design engineers on the team that come in to bring your cart and prototypes to life. Dwayne has 34 years of experience with HUI and Greg has 13 years of experience. Known for their problem solving skills, Dwayne and Greg use SOLIDWORKS to design and develop medical carts for repeatable manufacturing. They also design to IEC 60601 standards, creating designs with multiple material types like sheet metal, machined parts, aluminum castings, plastic injection molding and thermoform parts.

Click here to see the rest of the MBD team.

We highly recommend utilizing the skill set of a custom medical cart manufacturing team when possible. There is a lot of value in the amount of time and headache they can save you as well as the expert information and connections that come with the partnership. Even if you have to bring us your project further down the line during design and development cycle, it’s never too late to get help from people who truly understand the process of creating a custom medical cart.

If you need help with a custom cart project, want to meet our team of experts, or if you have any questions, please contact us today.

HUI 60601-1 Third Edition Cheat Sheet

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