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Nick Rolf

Nick worked in medical cart manufacturing sales and marketing over a ten year span. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to HUI Medical Carts.

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3 Key Ways A Medical Cart Manufacturer Can Design-In Savings

Posted by Nick Rolf on July 14, 2021

Medical carts are functional by nature. Designs are often “no frills” to stay aligned with the cart’s specific purpose and to keep budgets on track.

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Topics: Medical Cart Development

4 Key Advantages to Using a Secondary Medical Cart Manufacturer

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 30, 2021

No industry or profession is exempt from the effects of pandemic-related disruptions and the increasing dilemma of too few workers for too many jobs. Recent signs of general forward progress on a national level are...

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Medical Carts By Design: Key Benefits of a Make To Order Policy

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 24, 2021

Of the many decisions you need to make about a custom medical cart, determining the production process may not be your top priority.

However, knowing how a custom medical cart is intended to be produced helps you...

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Topics: Supply Chain Management, Project Management

3 Benefits of a Collaborative Approach to Custom Medical Cart Design

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 17, 2021

Custom medical carts are meant to serve unique purposes. Taking a “cookie-cutter” approach to their design can be a disservice, which makes choosing a medical cart manufacturer one of the most important partnership...

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Topics: Medical Cart Development, Medical Cart Design

How Medical Cart Manufacturers Can Help Speed Time to Market

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 9, 2021

To remain competitive, medical device manufacturers need to get their products to market quickly. Pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and a lack of skilled workers impede progress, prompting OEMs to seek solutions...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design

How Do Medical Device Market Trends Impact OEM-Supplier Relationships?

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 2, 2021

The medical device market has always been competitive. The challenges surrounding COVID-19 have only increased the need for innovation.

Understanding and responding to what’s currently trending in the market as a...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design

Does Your Custom Medical Cart Need Conductive Casters?

Posted by Nick Rolf on February 8, 2019

Casters are an important part of your custom medical cart design. With so many configurable caster options available today, it’s hard to know which features are really necessary for your cart. For this blog, we’re going...

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Topics: Medical Cart Design, Medical Cart Aesthetics, Regulatory Requirements

Best Practices for Outsourcing Product Development for Medtech: DeviceTalks West Takeaways

Posted by Nick Rolf on February 1, 2018

To succeed in the MedTech industry, you need a medical device that is superior to the competition. The most effective way to achieve this is by gathering teams with the right expertise to create the best product on the...

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Topics: Industry Insights, News

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