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3 Key Ways A Medical Cart Manufacturer Can Design-In Savings

Posted by Nick Rolf on July 14, 2021

Medical carts are functional by nature. Designs are often “no frills” to stay aligned with the cart’s specific purpose and to keep budgets on track.

The logic is sound. But, there is a way for medical device OEMs to balance function, form, and finances without stripping down designs for custom medical carts. Partnering with an experienced medical cart manufacturer unlocks hidden potential and cost-effective solutions that help you get practical, attractive medical carts to market quickly. 

Not All Medical Cart Manufacturers Are Created Equal

HUI has more than three decades of in-house design engineering experience and a team singularly focused on making those designs a reality. It’s the core of what makes us a preferred partner for medical device manufacturers.

However, it’s how we apply that knowledge and dedication to your made-to-order medical cart project that makes us stand out. HUI designs medical carts with manufacturing in mind. That means:

  • Our design engineering stage is intentional. We identify and apply steps that make cart assembly easier and more efficient. Label durability testing, powder coating finish options — seemingly little things are big things when it comes to cart aesthetics and design decisions.
  • Our FEMA processes add value before production. By digging into specifics about your cart with the aid of science, we find time- and cost-saving design efficiencies that streamline production.
  • Our prototyping and compliance testing capabilities ensure quality. In-house prototyping IEC-60601 testing provides complete confidence in the design, quality, assembly, and marketability of your medical cart.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Custom Medical Carts

Having the know-how to design in savings makes for great custom medical carts, but we believe true success comes with collaboration.

HUI proactively communicates with your engineers, design team, and key stakeholders so accurate, efficient, and well-informed decisions are made throughout your medical cart project lifecycle. There’s simply no point in finding a go-to-market solution that doesn’t align with your vision of medical cart functionality and aesthetics.


Getting the right medical cart to market at the right time isn’t always easily accomplished. Bringing in an experienced and knowledgeable medical cart manufacturer like HUI is a solid strategy to get the cart you want and need as efficiently as possible.

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