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3 Benefits of a Collaborative Approach to Custom Medical Cart Design

Posted by Nick Rolf on June 17, 2021

Custom medical carts are meant to serve unique purposes. Taking a “cookie-cutter” approach to their design can be a disservice, which makes choosing a medical cart manufacturer one of the most important partnership decisions you’ll make.

When capabilities and processes align, successful outcomes follow. The HUI Cart Design Process was born from this belief. Its guiding principles remain at the core of our collaborative custom medical cart design philosophy.

For us, the process is a touchstone for consistency and quality. For our OEMs, it’s assurance that our capabilities and commitment produce intended results.

1. Capabilities: HUI Differentiators

Our Cart Design Process strategically breaks custom medical cart design into stages. Doing so creates deliberate, focused attention on the multifaceted steps HUI uses to bring your cart to fruition:

  • Concepts: Discuss, dissect and verify the features and functions of your ideal custom medical cart with our cross-functional team and industrial designer. From the upfront Discovery Meeting to accurate quotes and concepts — all within a few weeks! 
  • Design Engineering: From preliminary computer-aided design to prototyping and IEC 60601-1 testing and compliance, all things design are backed by an in-house engineering team that boasts over 30 years of combined experience.
  • Production: Our in-house fabrication and powder coat painting capabilities are a great bonus to working with HUI. All of our engineers have practical experience with our manufacturing equipment, so products are designed with manufacturing in mind, and modifications are adapted seamlessly. 
  • Project Management: Integrated product management from concept through production is an HUI hallmark that ensures timely quoting, teamwork, communication, and organization every step of the way.
  • Supply Chain Management: HUI selectively grows and maintains supply chain partnerships, ensuring our clients receive the best quality for a price that fits their budgets. 
  • Quality Control: Carts by design must perform to exacting standards. HUI’s commitment to continuous improvement incorporates computerized quality records to provide traceability and accountability — and reinforce our standing as a dock-to-stock vendor for many of our clients.

2. Communication: Walking The Talk

While our proven capabilities have earned HUI our reputation as a preferred medical cart manufacturer, they don’t wholly define our client relationships. Communication is key. Without it, even the best design process can go awry — but with it? The sky’s the limit.

Definitive feedback and constructive conversations foster collaboration at all levels. Teams come together to reach a consensus on:

  • Key customization contributions
  • Potential time and cost efficiencies
  • Incremental design decisions and next steps
  • Production tailored to meet project needs
  • Adjustments to outcome expectations

3. Value: Timing Is Everything

For OEMs, deriving the most value from their custom medical cart manufacturer partnership means understanding when to leverage capabilities and communication strategies.

For any cart design project — especially custom work — involving the manufacturer at the earliest design stages is smart. It’s also necessary in order to maximize potential reliability, efficiency, and savings opportunities resulting from key feature and function decisions.

Custom medical cart manufacturers greatly influence design and production outcomes. The partner you entrust with your brand and reputation needs to be invested in your success — like HUI

Discover the advantages of custom products and partnerships in our guide, 5 Benefits of a Custom Medical Cart Solution. Click the button below to download your copy.

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