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Infographic: IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Sample Tests for Medical Carts

Posted by Shannon Pelky on July 24, 2018

A couple years ago HUI developed the IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Cheat Sheet to help our readers get a better understanding of how the different 60601 clauses and sample tests apply to medical carts. We also released a whole 60601 video series to go into more detail about each clause, so we know these tests can get pretty complicated. To help simplify things, we've created this infographic to narrow these clauses and 60601 sample tests down to the basics.

IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Sample Tests for Medical Carts Free Infographic Download

60601 infographic_image - warp-1Download 60601 Infographic 


At HUI, Mark Collins is our 60601 expert. He's a great resource with many years of experience on regulatory requirements for medical carts, so please comment below if you have additional questions. If you need HUI’s help designing and manufacturing custom medical carts to 60601 standards, please contact us today!

IEC 60601-1 Testing Infographic

Topics: IEC 60601-1, Regulatory Requirements

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