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5 Ways a Redesign Can Improve Your Medical Cart

Posted by Shannon Pelky on November 16, 2017

It’s hard to think of an industry where the products or services aren’t consistently improving over time. Medical carts and devices are no different. If your product is succeeding in the market, you’ll want to keep that momentum going. One way to do that is through a redesign, which can improve your medical cart in the following ways:

1. Take your cart from a standard off-the-shelf option to your own custom product:

If you’ve had market success with a standard, off-the-shelf option that you’ve customized to fit your needs, then it’s a great time to consider creating a fully-customized cart. Since you know what your customers need, you can create an original design built around that information. With a custom cart, you’ll have a proprietary design that’s more functional and stands out from competitors.


2. Reduce costs by eliminating features that are not being used.  

After your cart has been out in the field for a period of time, you can collect information on which features are important to your customers and which features are not being used at all. You can lower prices, decrease lead times and reduce manufacturing fees by subtracting features that aren’t needed. Some features you can reanalyze are height adjustability, cable management designs, casters and drawers.


3. Save money in the long run by tooling-up.

Tooling-up involves switching soft tooling over to hard tooling. Hard tooling generally lasts throughout the product’s lifetime, so you won’t have to replace it further down the line. However, this option should only be considered once you are confident in the final design. Soft tooling is more cost effective, has shorter initial lead times and allows for a lot more flexibility in making mold adjustments.


4. Make an impression on your customers by adding brand recognition to the new design. 

Adding your logo and brand colors to your cart will help you build your reputation in the medical field. Branding also includes designing your cart to give users the best experience possible, so they remember you in the future and want to tell other people about your product.


5. Add features to accommodate new supplies, additional devices, or product adjustments.  

As your device or supplies grow and improve over time, you’ll need the cart to change with them. This may include adding new compartments, drawers, features, etc. to weave the new products into a design that continues to maximize functionality.


A cart redesign can reduce costs, create a custom brand and improve your cart’s functionality. Consistently looking for ways to improve your product will help your cart and device continue to succeed over time.

If you have any questions, or need help with a redesign project, contact us today.


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