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Tim Littlefield, Cranial Technologies Device President 

"HUI’s ability to gather feedback from the install of the first article, and make adjustments to design for first production units, which came just several weeks later, was impressive!  This immediately eliminated a cabling challenge that we identified during the first install.”

Danielle Larry, Cranial Technologies Baby Imaging Specialist

“I have gotten nothing but good responses from parents—

‘Wow, this is cool.’ ‘This is very high-tech.’ The design is great for ease of use, especially with the open side concept. The minimal interruption to camera function with any vibrations or knocks is awesome!  And the folks from HUI that came down to help install the machine in Milwaukee were very friendly and knowledgeable!”



Doron Dekel, co-founder and CEO of ClaroNav

“The unique Navident cart helped us greatly in rapidly commercializing the product and establishing our technology leadership. Firstly, its light weight and small footprint makes the product uniquely portable, which attracts customers and enables our sales people to fly with it, allowing prospects to try it during live surgery in their own clinic. Secondly, its long arm enables us to optimally position the laptop over the patient’s chest while not taking any precious space near the patient’s head. Thirdly, its attractive, sporty appearance enhances the product's emotional appeal and boosts our image as leaders and innovators." 


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